Company Values


Our Company began the production of rubber-soled shoes branded with Our Company logo design. In 1925, his styles broadened to consist of shoes with vulcanized rubber soles and the Our Company design was born! After the war, Our Company rebooted operations specializing entirely in the production of premium shoes. Our Company diversified to include sport shoes with technical qualities. Now, the collections consist of a large variety of designs and colors in addition to the initial Our Company Vulcanized and Sport lines. The 2750 has actually been an icon from the start. Long a preferred for taking Italians from the city to the beach to weekends away, it is simple to use and created to dress up casual sportswear. Our Company can be cleaned like your preferred denims to produce your very own vintage appearance. Our Company commemorates the enjoyable way of life by providing a large range of colors, materials, and prints each season for ladies, guys and kids.

The initial, timeless Our Company has actually acquired renowned status. Not the reserve of trendy Italians who have actually used them from the city to the beach for generations, this ageless style deals with retro appears like cropped pants or tea gowns for the ladies and with chinos and a timeless polo for the kids.